Pacific Linc provides purchasing and shipping  management services
for foreign retailers and distributors importing from the US.



Service Benefit
Freight Consolidation Freight combined and shipped regularly via ocean, saving on shipping costs. Single shipping invoice.
Product Inspection/Inventory Can save on expensive returns and lengthy credit reimbursements. Shortages acknowledged and credited immediately.
Delivery Management Minimize cost and frustration of long distance communication. Orders are tracked for each vendor. Client is kept informed of back ordered, sold out and canceled items. Status is available by telephone, fax or e-mail.
Accounting Management Payments to vendors made through Pacific Linc. Minimizes currency exchange costs and maximizes cash flow efficiency. Comprehensive Accounts Payable records kept for each vendor. On approved credit, Pacific Linc may extend vendor terms (Net 30) to client.
Sourcing Pacific Linc can help you to find specialized products, assisting in opening accounts with new vendors. Sourcing of store display items and office equipment is also available.
Private Label Pacific Linc has the resources to produce goods that carry your company name. Enables your store to stock unique items which also self-advertise.
Immediate Order Processing* To fill unforeseen gaps in your inventory, Pacific Linc can contact vendors for at once product pickup or factory walk-throughs for immediate product delivery.


Pacific Linc will invoice client for 10% of gross payments made to vendors. Fees invoiced on monthly or quarterly schedule dependent on volume.

*All services except Immediate Order Processing are inclusive in the 10% fee. Factory walk throughs or specialty pick-up services will be billed on a time basis, quoted and agreed upon by client before service.